It is a time of wonder

Humanity has reached the stars and created a society of glittering sophistication and diversity on hundreds of planets. Poets declaim, lovers rendezvous, and rakes duel with wits and monoblades. Colonists settle virgin worlds, merchant princes vie for emerging markets, and free traders hawk their exotic wares. The Navy rules the jumplines, putting down pirates and charting new star systems. Scientists uncover startling new truths on long-dead worlds and posit revolutionary theories dizzying in their implications. Technology advances at a rapid pace, each year improving the lot of all who accept its boons. None dare deny the bright destiny Man has seized for himself.

It is a time of upheaval

The inhabited galaxy–the Thousand Suns–teeters on the brink of chaos. Half a millennium since the Concord, and a generation since the bloody Civil War, the dynamism that ended the Age of Warring States is sorely tested. Diplomats try new gambits, shifting their ground for an uncertain future. On dozens of worlds across known space, the lights are going out again and the process of decivilization begins anew. Despots and tyrants who would rather lord it over benighted backwaters than bend their knees to even a distant authority, arise once more. At the edges of explored space, rivals–both human and alien–watch and wait.

It is a time of glory

Victorious fleets smash enemy armadas in distant star systems. Soldiers parade through liberated planets to alien cheers. Sector governors draw up breathtaking visions of terraforming and orbital cities. New jumplines open to the heart of unexplored space, daring the bold to venture into the unknown for profit and peril. Surveyors stumble upon lost colonies and puzzle out the mysteries of inscrutable clades. Captains with blazing eyes save worlds from barbarism–and rule them as gods. Daring thieves turn new technologies to unexpected ends or sell them to shadowy cartels on the fringes of known space. Meanwhile, bold operatives seeks out these criminal plans for reprisal. Everything is possible with enough beauty, brains, or blasters, and it's all within reach of a single jump.

It is a time of adventure

Thousand Suns is a science fiction roleplaying game set in a future when humanity has traveled into the far reaches of the galaxy, colonized new worlds, encountered other intelligent species, and established interstellar states by which to govern itself. The game draws much of its inspiration from the classic literary "imperial" science fiction of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, so called because its stories typically featured mighty galactic empires and whose plots often hearkened back to events from the Age of Imperialism in the 19th century. 

The rules of Thousand Suns are written with the grand themes of space opera in mind. They are flexible, easy to understand, and modular. This gives the Game Master a toolbox with which to add, subtratc, or emphasize whatever elements he wishes without having to worry about its effect on other parts of the game. These rules do not model the hard science realism found in some science fiction. Instead, these rules support the "wow" moments found in the older classics of the genre.

Thousand Suns gives the GM the tools he needs to imagine a setting where the human race has left behind the cradle of Earth and ventured into the Great Unknown to find its place in the galaxy. The game rules are intended to make this responsibility as simple–and fun–as possible, because detailing the setting and running adventures should be every bit as enjoyable an experience as playing them. 

Strap on a blaster pistol, grab a space suit, and get ready to explore a vision of the future unlike any seen in a generation.