thousand Suns rulebook

The Thousand Suns Rulebook is complete, providing all the rules you need to play under one cover, from character generation to starship combat to the creation of alien lifeforms. Also included is the Thousand Suns "meta-setting," a flexible outline of a setting, in which certain details have been provided, along with lots of lots of "blank spaces," and whose final shape and content is entirely up to each Game Master to build upon as he wishes for his campaign.


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thousand Suns:STARSHIPS

Thousand Suns: Starships is a supplement that provides options for starships–construction, operation, combat, and more–that expand on the rules presented in the Thousand Suns Rulebook. This book gives players and Game Masters alike the tools they need to build and utilize any starship they can imagine, from fast, maneuverable fighters to mammoth dreadnoughts. Designed to add depth without unnecessary complexity, Thousand Suns: Starships is an invaluable resource for any Thousand Suns campaign.

Thousand Suns: Starships is available for sale in multiple formats at DriveThruRPG.

Thousand Suns: Five stars

Thousand Suns: Five Stars is a 36-page sourcebook describing the Kvin Steloj sector and its twenty worlds, as well as the alien Chabuli. Also included is a scenario set on the Chabuli homeworld that can serve either as a self-contained adventure or as the starting point for an entire campaign within this frontier sector. 

Thousand Suns: Five Stars is available for sale in multiple formats at DriveThruRPG.